"My husband and I have been training with Nic for the past 6 years. We have had many trainers before and we have come to realize how good Nic is. We are older adults, with many of the issues that come with aging. Arthritis, stenosis, bad knees. He has structured our training sessions to maximize our assets. We have focused on balance, flexibility, and especially, core strength. He wants us to go past our comfort zone, but he is ever mindful of our aging bodies.

When I was in physical therapy for neck problems, my physical therapist was highly impressed with the exercises I was doing with Nic which complemented my PT. It felt as if we were all working as a team. Nic knew exactly what I needed to augment my PT.

I watched Nic train others, especially younger men interested in weight training. He structured their sessions to what they wanted and needed, totally different than what my husband and I wanted and needed. Nic has the knowledge and expertise to accommodate each of his clients’ needs. Nic is interested in the whole-body health and nutrition. 
He frequently takes
classes and certifications, staying on the cutting edge of new scientific knowledge. He advises us on how to improve our health and well-being. He inquires before each session on how we are feeling and doing, and if there are any specific issues he needs to address in the session. We feel lucky to have found Nic, and we look forward to continuing to work with him to help us maintain healthy aging."- Jane & Herb
"Nic Rockwell has been my personal trainer since July 2021. His knowledge, care and support is above and beyond. I have had four previous trainers through the years and no one comes close to the guidance I receive from Nic. I have seen incredible results from our sessions and couldn't be more pleased. I look forward to seeing him at the gym every day." - Allen
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